Grievance Investigation

Client: A leading manufacturer of equipment for monitoring environmental conditions within industrial facilities

We were asked to carry out an independent grievance investigation into allegations by an employee of bullying and victimisation by a senior manager. We were recommended by the company’s own HR advisor who felt he was too close to the people involved to undertake the investigation himself.

The Solution:
To undertake a prompt, thorough and impartial investigation to enable the company to resolve the matter as quickly as possible and to satisfy the company’s legal obligation to investigate the complaint in an effective, fair manner.

What we did:
Dianne Lambdin, our lead HR consultant, conducted the investigation which included lengthy interviews with the aggrieved employee, the senior manager and witnesses to establish the facts of the case, analyse the evidence and produce written records. Personnel files, relevant correspondence, documents, company procedures and policies were reviewed. Following a thorough analysis of the evidence a full report setting out the investigation’s findings and recommendations was submitted to the company.

The Outcome:
By using us to investigate the complaint, the company benefited from both employment law expertise and a realistic HR perspective. Not only was the company able to demonstrate its compliance with legal requirements, but the process also enhanced employee relations by demonstrating their commitment to a workplace free of bullying, victimisation and discrimination, whether actual or perceived.

“It was a tough call inviting in an external consultant when the stakes were so high. On the one hand, if the investigation found in favour of the employee, this could have meant disciplining and possibly dismissing a key member of the management team. On the other hand, if the investigation found no evidence of the alleged bullying and victimisation the company would still have to deal with an unhappy employee and the impact this may have had on other staff.

In this case, the investigation concluded that there was no evidence to support the employee’s claim of bullying and victimisation and her grievance was, therefore, not upheld. I’m glad we called Dianne in when we did.” – Managing Director.