Company Culture

Company Culture

Leveraging company culture and values to drive business growth

It doesn’t matter how technologically savvy your company is, how in demand your products are, or how ‘cool’ your brand looks from the outside, if the company culture isn’t right, people won’t want to work there.

At Sussex HR Hub, we help companies build great cultures with HR policies to match.

Your company culture is key to how you are perceived and we help you understand how you can use it to drive business growth.

We work with you to:

  • define and articulate your values in a meaningful way
  • understand the business case for nurturing your own culture
  • implement processes to reinforce culture and values
  • address company culture early when growing into new markets or implementing change

All businesses, large or small, depend on their reputation. Ultimately, it’s what keeps customers coming back to you and recommending you; it’s what makes you a great employer to work for.

Changing company culture

Company culture evolves and is influenced by employees, customers, suppliers and others. We help you identify which of these influences are positive and which have a negative impact on your company image and reputation. We assess the impact of your culture on your profitability, customer service and employee recruitment and retention.

Our HR consultants work with businesses to review, refine or change their company culture. We help you align new attitudes and behaviours with the vision, values and purpose of your business. We help you plan and implement activities which will create and sustain a strong company culture and drive your business forward.

“Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers”
Stephen R. Covey

Contact one of the team to discuss what you’d like your company culture to achieve for your business.