CQC and HR management

An opportunity to showcase good HR practice for the CQC

From our experience in the NHS, we know the potential burden placed on employers concerning regulation and compliance. We’ve heard first-hand how CQC inspections can create anxiety, frustration and even despair.

However, with good planning and HR management, there is no reason why any GP practice should fall short of the CQC standards. The experience can be positive and one to welcome, and with preparation you can be ready.

It is your opportunity to showcase your good HR practice and the improvements you’ve made. You’ll be able to demonstrate that you know what needs to be improved and active steps you are taking to support improvements successfully.

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How to showcase good HR practice to the CQC

Familiarise yourself with the standards 

Familiarising yourself with standards will help ensure any potential problem areas are dealt with promptly. For example, if someone raises an issue, rectify it as soon as you can – don’t wait until you’re preparing for an inspection – it may be too late at this stage. 

Show lessons learned and changes made for the better 

Making changes from lessons learned will impress the CQC inspector and help you measure your achievements. This could include areas surrounding care given, individual care pathways, patient records, places that people are cared for and documents and policies. 

Following your previous CQC visit, you will have received feedback summarising the inspection and highlighting any issues. Ensure that you have identified and taken action against prior problems before your next visit; you can then showcase these developed areas and your implemented changes.

Be confident and optimistic about the excellent work you do 

Having consistent and relevant HR systems and processes will ensure you meet the exacting standards of the CQC and also help you in creating a great place to work. 

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