Improving employee performance

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Are you spending too much time on performance issues?

Knowing how to maintain good performance and deal with under-performance is an essential management skill that improves achievement for the whole team, including the manager. 

It’s not easy dealing with poor performance, but it is easy dealing with good conduct. So that’s where you need to start, focusing on the good and aims to improve the development areas. 

Improving employee performance - happy employee

Top tips for improving employee performance

Give and receive feedback regularly, so it becomes the norm 

Regular feedback is vital to understand how your employees really feel. Be positive – you aim to improve your employees’ performance, ability and motivation. Find out what additional support employees can benefit from, what currently works for them and what could improve engagement. 

Have authentic conversations 

Try and get a well-rounded picture of each employee and cater to their needs; understand their passions and provide opportunities that excite them. 

Coach managers

Ensure your managers are equipped to maintain good performance and deal with under-performance – support and guide them with regular training and coaching to get the best from your employees. 

Tackle performance issues as soon as they arise

Ensure employees understand your expectations and non-negotiables; laying this out allows them to clearly understand what is not working.

Engage employees in their personal development 

Set clear and realistic goals to help develop a growth mindset and engage in the ability to learn. Unachievable goals are demotivating; ensure that you identify individual employee strengths to begin. Next, set clear goals together, ensuring accountability. Follow up routinely, using analytics to track achievements. 

Give your employees the feel-good sensation

Show your appreciation for individual employee’s and the team’s hard work. Always make sure you give specific praise, not just platitudes. Rewarding employees in many ways contributes to overall conduct; this could include offering wellness breaks, providing a personal touch and team building days.

Supporting health and wellness

It’s essential to health and wellness – this has come to the forefront throughout the pandemic. Employees may need help managing mental wellbeing, health ailments, various life circumstances.