We’re about people, not process!

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People – from recruitment to retirement, and everything in between!

When we meet clients and talk about our business, they often say, “I didn’t know you did that”. And that’s because we do more than just the usual HR admin and procedural stuff. We’re about people, not the process!

We believe that influential people management is vital in business because your staff immediately impact your performance and profitability. We understand that you often must do ‘more with less’, but we don’t believe that means doing nothing. So, we provide all the skills and experience of a corporate HR department at a fraction of the cost and enable you to maximise the opportunities available through good people management.

Most people are generally aware that HR handles topics including recruitment, employment policies and benefits and payroll. We support employees and managers, clarifying basic company information such as maternity leave and sick pay or investigating more complex matters such as grievances. 

While every business strategy is distinctive, HR is an essential function if you have employees or are thinking about bringing employees on board, whatever business you’re working within. 

Passion led us here - people not process

Reasons you might need HR support people in your organisation

Policies and employee handbooks 

Policies need to be reviewed and updated regularly as your organisation and the world advances. Official updates to policies can be confusing, and sometimes, new approaches will develop following a particular situation. HR can ensure effective policies that fit your organisation’s mission and values are in place and regularly monitored to safeguard both employees and businesses.

An employee handbook is a valuable tool in employee relations, presenting the organisation’s values and workplace culture in one place for employees to examine. Employees can utilise an employee handbook as a roadmap for general procedures such as reporting sickness and absence, improving performance, preparing for parental leave, performance management and disciplinary procedures and much more – the handbook will also set out behavioural standards as expected from the company and the employee. 

Changes to employment law effect your people

Employment law evolves rapidly. In recent years, there have been adjustments within pension auto-enrolment, changes to Right to Work checks throughout the pandemic and the IR 35 implications have come into force.

At the centre of these changes in employment law are the people who are affected, HR support ensures you remain up to date with all the latest developments to employment law and that your people are supported.

As your person count grows, so do employee disputes

As your team develops and your headcount rises, your organisation is at increased risk of employment disputes such as discrimination based grievances, pay disputes, disciplinary matters and more.

To avoid reputational damage and legal implications, whilst ensuring employees are treated fairly and correctly, HR can ensure that your organisation takes corrective measures to manage the situation successfully when conflicts arise. 

Your organisation is experiencing growth 

Successful recruitment is key to the longevity and prosperity of employees within the business. If you are experiencing a period of growth, HR can support in recruiting, and retaining top-quality candidates. From creating job descriptions that stand out and promote your organisation effectively – to interview support during the hiring process and performance management support, HR can distinguish strengths and development areas for your team.  

There are many more aspects that HR can oversee, such as mergers and acquisitions, HR strategy, Leadership Development and more. 

Here at Sussex HR Hub, we make things easier for you, keeping you informed and updated on HR issues, so you can be confident that your HR is in safe hands.