7 Top Tips – Employee Engagement for Organisations

If success is contagious, do you wonder why your team aren’t catching it?

Maybe they’re avoiding it (like the plague), or perhaps they just don’t know what it looks like, but successful employee engagement is key. It may be understandable, but not inevitable, that your employees aren’t as excited about your business as you are. They might not even see the Practice as a business and don’t understand how vital their contribution is.

employee engagement - happy team members engaged in work

Find ways to promote successful employee engagement for your organisation, and success will follow

Employees need to recognise how they will benefit from the success of the Practice. After all, they have a stake in it, just as they would if they worked for another type of business. If they believe that they have an essential part to play, they will perform better. Their engagement is key to success.

Communicate your vision for the organisation

You should always make sure that your team understands your vision for the Practice and ensure that everyone understands the direction you’re heading (and why). Be clear as to what you expect from each employee – ambiguity and inconsistency often result in frustration.

Set up your employees to succeed

Setting up your employees to succeed doesn’t mean making it easy for them – provide a challenge. A sense of accomplishment will motivate them to go further and increase their engagement.

Don’t delegate your moral responsibilities

Talk to your employees and listen to what they have to say. Take their concerns seriously and act upon them wherever possible.

Give feedback regularly for successful employee engagement

Give feedback not only during formal performance reviews, but daily. Create a culture where regular feedback is the norm and improvement is expected throughout your organisation. Nip performance problems in the bud and encourage excellence at all times for successful employee engagement.

Provide opportunities to advance 

Provide development opportunities within their role and the business overall. Help them to learn new skills and take on new responsibilities. Make it clear that you expect all employees to help colleagues, cover when required and step outside their comfort zone. Their job description should be a guide, not an immovable tablet of stone.

Involve employees by investing in them

Whether by providing them with the latest technology to make their jobs easier or training opportunities to build upon their skills, investing in employees will assist employee engagement.

Show your appreciation

You can do this by recognising their accomplishments and hard work. Reward them and treat them occasionally!

Actively improve employee performance

By maintaining good performance and dealing with under-performance you can improve achievement for the whole team. 

It’s not easy dealing with poor performance, but it is easy dealing with good conduct. So that’s where you need to start, focusing on the good and aims to improve the development areas. 

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